Mission to LEGASPI 2014


The team operated on 59 children at Josephina Belmonte Duran Memorial District Hospital, at Ligao over a period of eight operating days.

Dr Shiby Ninan from Royal Darwin Hospital and Dr Sidharth Karanth from Hobart Hospital were the two Surgeons and Dr Terence Beh from Melbourne and Dr David Dolan from The Gold Coast Hospital were the Anaestheologists.

The nurses were Kate Rodgers, Erin McIntosh, Tracey Madden, Irene Sierakowski, Clare Ellery, Jane Brailsford, Glenn Cartwright and Andrew Bruce.


Jenica had a bilateral cleft lip with an excoriated section on the lip tissue which oozed blood. She always wore a mask when in public. Thanks to surgery provided by Helping Children Smile INC, Jenica now no longer wears a mask in public, Jenica wears a beautiful smile.

Jenica at the post operative check-up clinic with her mum and Kate Rogers one of the nurses from Helping Children Smile.

Helping Children Smile Inc - Jenica After Surgery

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