Helping Children Smile Inc. is a voluntary organisation based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.


We provide reconstructive cleft lip and cleft palate surgery for Filipino children, sometimes adults, without any cost to the recipient and their family. This treatment is not available to indigent people in the Philippines due to poverty and lack of access to specialist surgery.

We strive to send a team of qualified plastic surgeons, anaesthetists and registered nurses to the Philippines, in the dry season for a two week period, once a year. The team is responsible for pre-operative assessment, preparation and intra-operative care, as well as post-operative care including wound management and suture removal.

The surgery we provide does more than repair the children’s physical problem. These children would otherwise have limited opportunities to attend school and as adults, of finding work. After their surgery they can look forward to a normal life.


We help to restore their smiles in more ways than one!


Our work is accomplished on a voluntary basis and receives no direct funding from the Australian or Philippine governments. We rely on proceeds from fundraising activities and donations to cover travel costs, accommodation and surgical equipment. Team members give their time and expertise at no cost.

Helping Children Smile has now helped restore the smiles of well over 1000 children since our first medical mission in 1996.


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Helping Children Smile Inc - Happy Mother

Relieved and Smiling Mums

Helping Children Smile Inc - Happy Mother

Caring Australian Nurses

Helping Children Smile

“Thank you so much to all staff of helping smile…for helping our little boy…he is now grade 1 pupil and very talented, thank you so much to all of you.”

Nilda Mangubat, 2022


Jenica had a bilateral cleft lip with an excoriated section on the lip tissue which oozed blood. She always wore a mask when in public. Thanks to surgery provided by Helping Children Smile INC, Jenica now no longer wears a mask in public, Jenica wears a beautiful smile.

Jenica at the post operative check-up clinic with her mum and Kate Rogers one of the nurses from Helping Children Smile.

Helping Children Smile Inc - Jenica After Surgery

Postal Address:

The Secretary
Helping Children Smile Inc.
100 Maleny-Kenilworth Road

Charity Store:

07 5476 3797
33 Howard Street
Nambour, Queensland, 4560, Australia
We are always looking for volunteers for the shop so if you can spare us a few hours per week please call the number above.

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